Setting Customer's Credit Limit

By setting a credit limit of a customer, you can control the amount each customer has available for spending and have an overall control on each customer's orders.

Setting the Credit Limit

For setting a credit limit, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Cloud BSS > Office> Accounts and add an account (or edit an existing one). 
  2. The Enable Ordering checkbox must be activated in order to set a limit.
  3. Type the amount of the Credit Limit. If you type 0, this means that the customer can never owe you. 

  4. By checking the Unlimited checkbox, all orders will be executed, at the time the customer places them in Storefront, no matter how much he might owe you.

Understanding how Customer's Available Credit is Calculated

In Storefront, in section Billing, a customer can see his Available Credit (as long as the Unlimited checkbox is not activated). 

The Available Credit is calculated as: 

+ Credit Limit set on Account
- Account Balance (In Account Balance, all generated invoices, credit invoices and payments are calculated)
- Estimated Charges of "On-End" subscriptions (i.e Azure Subscriptions)
= Available Credit

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