Create an Account

Since our platform is customer-centric, Account as a platform entity is the elemental pillar on which numerous functions of the system rely on in order to accommodate many business scenarios. 

The following analysis explains the aspects of the creation of a new Account inside the BSS platform, as well as clarify the options, the parameters and the features found on each section of the Account form, during its creation.

Address Validation Mechanism

On this page, we analyze the mechanism of Address Validation inside both the BSS and Storefront platforms, in terms of its configuration as well as its overall functionality and usefullness.

Account Ordering & Billing Options

Upon checking the 'Enable Ordering' option inside the new Account form, the ordering and billing section of the Account form becomes available and ready for receiving the configuration that is necessary for any given customer (Direct CSP, Client, Reseller), based on 2 options in the form of radio buttons.

The following analysis explains the fields, their options and features available for the configuration to take place as well as some use cases in order to provide you with working examples on how to set up your customers. 

Account Contacts

One of the facilities offered by the BSS platform is to host Contacts for all Accounts/Customers.

An account contact is an entity that represents a person and is used by the system to support various operations. Accounts can have as many contacts as needed.

Manage Accounts

An Account is one of the most essential elements of the BSS platform and as such it is important to understand the different ways of interacting with it fast and with ease during your everyday use of the platform.

Assigning a Pricelist to an Account

This page explains how an account can be assigned to a specific pricelist. 

Rebate an Account

For defining rebate schemes based on customer turnover, you must define a contract sale term. By using contracts you will be able not only to define discounts and special prices per customer but also to define various sales terms. For rebating your customer, you must define a sales term of type “Rebate based on Invoiced Amount“.

Customer Credit Limit

Setting Customer's Credit Limit

By setting a credit limit of a customer, you can control the amount each customer has available for spending and have an overall control on each customer's orders.

Handling an Order that Exceeds Customer's Available Credit

When the customer places an order that exceeds its available credit, the system will allow him to place the order, but the order will not be executed. A BSS account manager needs to approve the order after a payment, for increasing the available credit, has been arranged.