Create a Tabular Report

One of the capabilities that is offered from platform, is the creating of reports. Through reports we can monitor specific operations of the platform, the recording of which will help us greatly to export useful inferences and avoid omissions and errors in the Platform's services.Also, report offers a way to view, format, and summarize the information in your BSS platform. For instance, you can create a simple report of all your customer.

Scheduling the Execution of a Report

A time-saving capability that is offered from the platform concerning the reports, is the creation of automatically generated reports based on a predefined schedule that you can set. You can utilize this new report scheduling and auto-generate feature, either when you are creating a new report or you wish to auto-generate an existing report. By scheduling a report to be generated at a later date the platform generates those reports in recurring periods predefined by you and is able to either store them and even send them towards one or more email addresses that you specify during its initialization and setup process. The following guide provides you with the steps to create your scheduled reports as well as manage them.