With Platform, there is no more need for a separate ticketing system. Your support workflow is totally automated. From the single sign on environment of the Storefront, your customers can also place their support tickets and get updates on every issue they have pinpointed.Your technical team on the other hand, follows through the process of both addressing the customer’s tickets, as well as updating them, through Cloud BSS, with features like assignment, completion status and task assignment. Even if your end customers or resellers chose to place a ticket via email, the case of this ticket will be directly connected to their account in Cloud BSS and they can always be updated on the ticket process via their support tab, in the Storefront.

Getting Started for Case Module Admins

For setting up your ticketing system you must configure the Case module.
  • Customer Support platform can address the issue of collecting feedback from customers in the form of incidents, or tickets, and facilitate the incident, internal life-cycle, management. This can be achieved through the dedicated 'Support' module, which can be enabled as an addon on various platform editions. On this page, we will describe the feature and provide adequate information for configuring the module.

  • Customizing Case FieldsIn BSS > Setup > Support > Cases there are options for customizing the case parameters
  • Configuring Storefront Ticket FormThis article describes how you can configure the ticket form in Storefront in order to collect from your customers the information you need for the ticket resolution.
  • Configuring Email TemplatesThe system sends automatic emails to your customers when the submit a ticket via email or via the Storefront. These emails can be re-branded based on your organization identity.