BSS Notification Email Authorization Protocols

On this page, we analyze the different email authorization protocols of a BSS organization that can be configured and utilized for the secure dispatch of notification emails.

Setup a Notification

This page provides detailed information on configuring and utilizing the email notifications engine to reflect your business requirements. The system comes ready with some basic notifications, but the user is free to enable new notifications according to emerging operational needs. 

Available System Notifications Platforms comes ready with a number of preconfigured Email Notifications to cater for every communication need between you and your end-customers! These notifications are dispatched from the Platform, triggered by various events that can take place (e.g. Concluding an order, Creating a subscription, Canceling a subscription, Invoice reminder etc.). The existing notifications can also be configured to be dispatched internally so that you are always on top of every event that conc

Subscriptions Notifications

Notification Logs (Beta) in BSS

In this page you can find an analysis of the tool that we have introduced for monitoring the email notifications that are dispatched from the BSS platform.