Setup your Organization

Access BSS setup area for managing your users and for customising all BSS entities

Manage Users

As an BSS administrator, you have the ability to simplify user management through platform. BSS users are the internal users of your organization that participate in the business processes you run in BSS. Typical paradigms are the product manager, the account manager, the support engineer or the members of your finance department.

Setup of Permission Rules

The platform leverages its security component to govern the user access level, both regarding module access rights and data visibility rights. This means that an administrator of the system can decide both the platform functionality (modules) that will be made available for a specific user and can even go as far as to limit the actual records the user will be available to see. 

Customize Systemic Fields

Each object of BSS  (Accounts / Offers / Orders etc..) references a variety of out-of-the-box fields. As an BSS administrator, you are able to proceed with the customization of all BSS entities as you have been granted full access to the BSS setup mode. Note that system fields cannot be removed and their label cannot be modified by any BSS user. As an BSS administrator user, you can only proceed with customizing their values according to your business needs.

In contrast with system fields, custom fields are created by an administrator from scratch and can be added or removed at any time as they are fully editable. 

Create and Manage Custom Fields

For each object of BSS  (Accounts / Offers / Orders etc..) you can add as many custom fields as you need in order to capture additional information in BSS.

Managing your Currencies

Our platform supports having values for your products in multiple currencies. This page explains how you will define the available currencies and the currency culture preferences.

Language Pack Management

The platform is a multi-language environment that supports many language packs out-of-the-box. Moreover, it can easily allow the customization of existing language packs and also the introduction of new language packs. The translation management tool facilitates both of these requirements!

Log Records

There are some actions within the cloud platform that demand the consent of the customer before being affected. Cloud platform maintains a complete log of such consents and provides an interface to access them. On this page, we guide you on locating any required event.

BSS Setup Tools

BSS Setup Tools hosts various tools that facilitate important administrative / maintenance actions within the platform. Access to the section is subject to user rights.