Platform Service Status


The status page is an online publicly accessible service that offers a real-time view of the performance and uptime of platform sites and services. Customers may opt to subscribe to the service and receive notifications regarding changes in the health status of the services, information about potential service incidents or scheduled maintenance operations . The service supports component subscriptions, which is a great way to ensure that a subscriber is only getting the notifications that are relevant to the products or services of interest, through a simple and seamless process. 

Subscription process 

In order to subscribe to platform status page, visit and hit the subscribe button located on the upper right corner.

Subscription options 


The most common way for a user to subscribe to updates is through the Email option. After placing an active email address, a confirmation email will follow.
The user just need to click on it and the notification of any incident or maintenance will be land on this email address.


Webhooks are HTTP POST requests that Platform Service Status Page send to the subscriber's endpoint.


The Status Page of Platform Service also provides RSS feed. The feed contains all past incidents and maintenances.


The Calendar option allow users to subscribe to a calendar containing all of your status activity, incidents or maintenance. The calendar option uses the iCalendar format,
which is supported by most calendar applications.

What will be displayed in the calendar?

  • All active and resolved incidents
  • All active and completed maintenances
  • All upcoming scheduled maintenances

Component subscription

Subscribed users can manage their subscription and select the desired components they wish to be notified about. To manage the subscription, the subscriber needs only to navigate to the subscription management link which is communicated to the user upon the initial subscription request via e-mail and then select all the components of immediate interest. 

Manage subscription

After subscribing to the service and receiving the confirmation e-mail, a subscriber can launch the subscription management URL, where one can opt to be informed and receive notifications about one or more platform components hosted on all available regions around the world where the service is currently provided. Normally users should choose to select the specific region that hosts the environment of their own service, in order to avoid receiving notifications that are not relevant to their service. 

Manage subscription components any time

Click on  button and place the email used for the subscription. Then hit on Manage Existing Subscription.

Finally, the  will be appeared. Click on it and a manage subscription link will be sent to the subscribed email address.
By clicking on the manage subscription link the component list along will the unsubscribe button will be shown on a new browser tab. 

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