BitTitan Integration

BitTitan empowers IT service professionals to successfully deploy and manage cloud technologies through automation. MigrationWiz is the industry-leading SaaS solution for mailbox, document, public-folder, and Teams migrations between a wide range of Sources and Destinations. platform facilitates the provisioning and complete life-cycle management of the BitTitan services. The BitTitan Service Manager can be activated on any instance of platform easily, and offers a complete ordering, billing and automated delivery solution for BitTitan services.

Activating the BitTitan Service Manager

The first step to employ BitTitan solutions to an instance is to activate the BitTitan Service Manager. This action will enable the necessary components in platform so that you can then import the available BitTitan SKU's and configure the presentation layer in the form of a BitTitan Product Group. You can see how by reading the following instructions.

Defining the BitTitan Asset Products

In platform, BitTitan Assets must be defined based on the two product types to which each one belongs. Let us proceed with the analysis of both product types and their properties before reaching to the analysis of the assets, their creation, and configuration.

Ordering BitTitan Licenses from Storefront

The ordering process for a BitTitan asset is similar to the process of any other cloud application. The synchronized customer/partner can select any of the BitTitan Asset products that his distributor published in the Storefront and add it to the basket. 

Ordering BitTitan Licenses from BSS

Orders for new BitTitan asset products can also be placed from BSS. The user can place orders for accounts that are already synchronized with the BitTitan provisioning system or in case they are not, they can be synchronized before the order is placed. An account will be already synchronized with the BitTitan provisioning system if they have ordered in the past a BitTitan asset product.

Managing the BitTitan Asset

The BitTitan products are represented in our system as assets. The assets are part of our Billing module and when your customers/partners place an order for a BitTitan product, a new asset record is created in our platform for managing and invoicing purposes. 

On this page, we explain what information we keep in the asset record and how you(the distributor) or your customers/partners can manage them.

Canceling Bittitan Assets

Cancelation of a asset is feasible, but it is limited to a total of 15 days after the purchase date since a full refund is only available when the cancelation is executed within that period of time.

On this page, we explain the three main cancelation options provided for a Bittitan asset and how you or your customers can utilize them.