Kaspersky Lab Integration

interworks.cloud platform facilitates the provisioning and complete life-cycle management for Kaspersky services. The Kaspersky Service Manager can be activated  on any instance of interworks.cloud platform easily, and offers a complete ordering, billing and automated delivery solution for Kaspersky services.

Activating the Service Manager

In order to activate the Kaspersky integration within interworks.cloud you must activate the respective Service Manager. This action will enable the necessary components in interworks.cloud platform so that you can then import the available SKU's and configure them at Storefront. You can see how, reading the instructions below:

Managing the Kaspersky Products

After the integration with Kaspersky Labs takes place, the system will proceed to automatically generate the respective Kaspersky Labs services. The user can then configure the pricing and presentation aspects of the services. In addition, each time there are new services, the system will generate them through the 'Get Services Definition' process.

Ordering Kaspersky Services

For the most part, ordering Kaspersky Labs licenses is similar to other services in the platform. A difference lies on how the quantity is selected. This article will guide you on how to order the services properly!

Managing Kaspersky Subscriptions

Change your Reseller PIN