Basic Resellers

Create a Basic Reseller

One of the capabilities that are offered by platform is the creation of basic resellers. A basic reseller is able to place orders via Storefront for end customers as well as for their personal use.

Creating a Basic Reseller From BSS

Account Creation

Managing a Reseller's Affiliate Accounts

A reseller’s Affiliate Account is another customer account-type introduced in our platform to facilitate large Microsoft Indirect Resellers to easily buy Microsoft services and licenses either for their business units or for extra Microsoft tenants they are using for hosting solutions offered to their customers. The indirect resellers will now be able to create ad-hoc affiliate accounts when they place orders in your Storefront.

 As a result of the introduction of Affiliate Accounts, our platform currently supports the following “purchase” modes for a reseller:

  1. Purchase for Personal Usage. A reseller for personal usage buys subscriptions for himself, and he does not expect any rebates from Microsoft. The reseller himself has one “account“ (tenant) in Microsoft Partner Center.

  2. Purchase for an Affiliate Account. A reseller buys subscriptions for an Affiliate Account, and he does not expect any rebates from Microsoft. The reseller has under him one or more affiliate “accounts“ (tenants) in Microsoft Partner Center without relating the tenants' subscription with his MPN ID.

  3. Purchase for an End Customer. A reseller buys a subscription for an end-customer, providing his MPNID for receiving incentives/rebates for these subscriptions. A reseller can have as many end-customers as he wants, and all the subscriptions of all his end customers are related to his MPN ID.

Generating Separate Invoices Per End Customer

There are cases where a reseller would like from the system to generate separate invoices for each individual end customer instead of one aggregated invoice containing all the end customer invoices. On this page you can find a guide on how this feature is enabled in both Storefront and BSS.