for Resellers



Meet the NEW face of for Resellers

Distributors using the commerce platform are offering the Basic reseller plan to their resellers, which provides them free access to the Distributor’s Storefront. With the for Resellers, Distributors can provide to their Resellers the capability to launch their own Storefront and provide to their end-customers numerous capabilities to self-serve and review prices, place orders, manage O365 users, manage subscriptions and much more!

What’s New: is applying several important changes to what was known as “Standard Edition for Resellers”, and moves forward into simplifying the activation process for the Distributors and the Resellers and also adding new capabilities to extend the functionality and add value to the reseller solution.

  • The Standard Edition for Resellers has a brand new name: for Resellers

  • It now comes with two plans: the NEW Free Plan and the Standard Plan

  • Both Reseller Plans are offered as cloud products and are activated as subscription service through platform.

  • The upgrade of a reseller from Basic to Free or Standard can be automatically provisioned upon a purchase action, like all other cloud products in your portfolio.

  • A Reseller Plan is activated as a Subscription either from BSS or Storefront:

    • Distributors can upgrade a reseller to the Free or Standard Plan by activating a subscription in the BSS.

    • Resellers have also the autonomy to upgrade to the Free Plan or the Standard Plan. The process is as simple as purchasing a subscription from the Storefront.

    • Once the Reseller Plan Subscription is successfully activated, the Reseller Plan license is automatically provisioned, the Reseller Storefront is active and the reseller will receive an email to login and start customizing their new Customer Portal.

  • Both Distributors and Resellers can manage their subscriptions through BSS or Storefront having various management options available.

The for Resellers Service Manager

With for Resellers, Distributors can now offer to their resellers the most advanced tool to launch their own white-label Customer Portal to digitally transform and expand their reach.

Eligibility Criteria

To provide this functionality to your resellers and enable them to launch their own Customer Portal, the following eligibility criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Distributor organization is in Diamond or Diamond with Distribution Rights, and the Standard Edition Resellers add-on is active. To activate it or require more information, please contact sales engineers or your customer success manager.

  • The Service Manager should be successfully activated in your Distributor Organization.

  • The corresponding products are automatically added to the product catalog through Get Services Definition.

  • Accounts that can be upgraded should be marked as resellers, which means that Enable Reselling must be checked.