Searching for Products that Belong to a Product Group

The products you have published in your Storefront can be part of a product group. Your customers and your resellers can search for such products either by the generic search facility located in the header, or from the search facility in product group details page

Using Storefront’s Generic Search Facility

Your customers and resellers can search for a product using either its name or its code, which for Microsoft products is by default the Microsoft Offer ID.

If a product belongs to a product group, then the product group(s) will be returned as a result of the search action. In each product group there will be an indicator how many products match the search criteria.

In the following parading we are looking for “E5” products and the search results include product groups that have at least one product with “E5” as part of its name:


If we search for a specific Microsoft Offer ID, then the results will be the product group that includes this plan.


For locating the product you are looking for, you just need to select “view plans” and the system will display in “editions and pricing” section only the plans that match the search criteria.

Searching Facility in Product Group Details Page

In product group details page there is a search option in “editions and pricing” section. Using this option you can very easily search for specific plans. You can search using its name or its code.