Getting Started for Storefront Admins

A step-by-step guide for rebranding your Storefront, enabling anonymous access, enabling self-registration and defining your first page products

Storefront Rebranding

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Enable Anonymous Access

This page contains information on how to allow anonymous users to view the product catalogue you have published in your Storefront. Your Storefront can be public allowing anonymous to view your product catalogue or it can only be available to registered customers and resellers.

Enable Users Self-Registration

This page contains information on how to allow anonymous users to self register in your Storefront. When their registration is complete, your new customers will be able to place an order in your Storefront.

Define First Page Products

This page offers information on how you can define which products of your product catalogue will be displayed in the Home Page of your Storefront. Define which offers, featured and new products will be displayed in your Storefront.

Web Browser Compatibility

Please note that the Storefront supports the following, or later, web browser versions:

Chrome for Android100

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.