Change Storefront User Email

This page shows how a Storefront User can change their account email, in addition to the new email address verification process.

Storefront users can change the email address associated with their account in the User Settings section on the My Profile page.

All users can modify their email address on the Storefront, regardless of their assigned role.

Select Change next to the email field to open the Change Email dialog box.


Follow the steps below to proceed with the verification process:

  1. Enter your password and select Next.


  2. Enter the new email address you would like to associate with your account and select Next.


  3. An email is sent to the specified address, containing a 6-digit verification code. If the email has not been received, or the verification code has expired, select Resend.


  4. Enter this code in the Verification Code field and select Verify.


Associated Notifications

The two notifications in this section must first be enabled in BSS Administration Notifications Customer Notifications Contacts.

Enable this notification by activating Storefront User Email Change Verification Code. The following email notification template is used for the verification email:

Subject: “Verify Your Email Address”

Body: “Dear {#Contacts.FullName#},,

We received your request to change your email address.

To verify your email address, please use the following Verification Code:

[6-digit verification code]

This verification code will be valid for the next [#ExpirationMinutes#] minutes.

If you did not make this request, please ignore this email.”

After the email address has been updated, an email notification will be sent to the user's previous email address, informing them that their login email has been changed. The email will also contain the new email address which they can now use to login. 

Enable this notification by activating Storefront User Successful Email Change. The template used for the email sent to the old address is the following:

Subject: “Change in the E-mail Address Associated with Your Account”

Body: “Dear {#Contacts.FullName#},

The e-mail address associated with your account has been changed.

Previously, your account was associated with the email address {}.

Your account is now associated with the new email address {}.”