Storefront Dashboards

The Storefront Dashboard has been introduced as a tool for providing a fast, accurate, effortless, and user-friendly overview of your business's performance with meaningful statistics such as metrics, KPIs, and other relative data. Furthermore, this tool offers different widgets and metrics depending on whether the logged in Storefront user is a reseller or a direct customer. Also, the dashboard page can now be configured as the landing page of your Storefront.


Storefront Dashboard – Landing Page Selection

Selecting the landing page in the Storefront was never easier!

A new selection named Storefront Initial Page is available inside BSS Setup > System Options > Storefront Configuration > General, which defines the Storefront initial/landing page for either the resellers or the direct customers. It is essentially a drop-down list, which consists of the following two options.

  • Storefront Home Page: This is the existing homepage, and it will be available to be selected by the BSS user. This page is preselected by default.

  • Storefront Dashboard: The Dashboard page is available to be selected as the Storefront initial/landing page for the Storefront users.

Therefore, when a reseller or a direct customer, logs into the Storefront, they should see as their initial page, the page configured previously by the BSS user.


Dashboards & Configuration Options

In the following two pages, you can find an analysis of both the reseller’s dashboard and the direct customer’s dashboard along with a sub-page describing how each dashboard can be configured.