Storefront User Password Management

A storefront user can be created either from the storefront-driven customer registration process or directly from BSS as part of a manual customer on-boarding process. This page highlights the security component of the process for the initial activation of storefront users or for the password re-activation for existing users.

New Customer Activation Process

When a new customer registers through the Storefront, an activation email is sent to the email used on the registration application. 

The customer receives the 'Storefront account activation' system notification. In the notification, there is a link that activates the account.

After selecting the activation link, the system will activate the account 

Upon successful activation of the account, the customer will also receive a verification (it is the system notification "Activation was successful")

Storefront User Password Reset

In case a Storefront user forgets their password, they can use the 'Forgot Your Password ?' option, to reset the password.

The system will request the Storefront user email account

The user will receive the system notification 'Storefront user password reset' for resetting the password:

Following the link the user will be routed to the Storefront in order to type the new password

The user will also receive the system notification 'Reset Password Was Successful'

Creation of a New Storefront User in BSS

BSS users can create a new storefront user also from BSS, using the respective option from Office > Contacts. 

The notification that will be dispatched is the 'Storefront account activation' notification. Since when you create a Storefront user in BSS you cannot set his password, the activation link in this email will the ask first the user to set a password and then his account will be activated.

BSS users can also initiate the process of password reset by selecting the correspondent action from the details page of the contact.

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