Asynchronous Provisioning Of Services during the Checkout Process

We have introduced asynchronous provisioning of the services during the checkout process to improve user experience by eliminating unnecessary wait times. By running the provisioning process asynchronously, your customers and your resellers can continue working in your Marketplace without having to wait for the services to be provisioned. This helps to improve the overall experience for the user and allows them to complete their purchase faster.
The asynchronous approach applies to all services that we support automatic provisioning.

After purchasing a product, the confirmation screen displays a message that explains to your customers that the provisioning of the services will be executed asynchronously and they can safely navigate away from the confirmation page to continue working with your Marketplace. Your customers will be informed of the provisioning progress from the notification center we have introduced in the top right corner of tour Marketplace.

Notification Center

The notification center displays a list of the services (subscriptions, assets and bundles) that the provisioning is in progress. You can access the notification center by selecting the Bell icon in the top right corner of the Marketplace. Every time your customer places a new order, a new input for each provisioned order item will be added to the notification center.


When the provisioning of a subscription is either completed or has failed, a number badge on Notification Center will be updated. The number on the icon indicates the number of subscriptions whose status is currently Completed or Failed.

Please note that the Notification Center only contains provisioning information which for the current login session. If you log out of the Storefront there will be no notifications when you log back in, until the provisioning status of a subscription changes.

The contents of the notification center are outlined below:

  • Subscription/Asset name - Users can click on the name to go to the Subscription Details view, which provides a comprehensive overview of the synchronization progress for the subscription.

  • Provisioning Status - The current status of subscription provisioning. It can be one of the following:

    • In progress - The subscription is currently being synchronized.

    • Complete - Provisioning is complete and the subscription is ready to use.

    • Failed - Provisioning has failed.

Subscription Detailed View

In the subscription detailed view, a ribbon shows the current provisioning status of a subscription. When the provision is complete or when it fails, a pop-up is displayed in the top right.

Please note that no actions can be performed on the Subscription while provisioning is in progress.

In the event that provisioning fails, the ribbon will notify the user accordingly, also displaying the error message: