Managing Add-ons from Storefront

From the 3.28.8 release onwards, we have introduced the feature “Maintenance of a Single/Unified Add-on Record Per Subscription” and due to its functionality, there are some minor user-interface changes in Storefront that affect the locations from which a Storefront user can purchase new add-ons and increase the quantiy of existing (active) add-ons. Also, in this page, you can find an analysis of the add-ons' view icon that resides in the Subscription’s List as well as an analysis of the feature that provides a visual reference of the purchased add-ons of a subscription inside the Subscriptions' List page in Storefront.

Purchased Add-ons in the Subscriptions' List

A feature, concerning the add-ons of a subscription, has been introduced in the Storefront’s Subscriptions' List where the Storefront user is now able to visually check which are the purchased and active add-ons of an active subscription. This visual check can be accomplished by clicking the + plus icon at the beginning of each subscription’s row(wherever it exists*). By clicking that icon, a list appears, containing the active add-ons for that subscription, and the following information is being displayed, per add-on:

  • Add-on(column): Is the name of the purchased add-on.

  • Quantity(column): Is the quantity number of the purchased add-on.

  • Unit Price(column): Is the unit price of each add-on per the amount of time (Monthly or Annually).

  • Discount(column): Is the discount percentage that an add-on might have.

*If the plus icon is not present next to a subscription's name, then this means that there are no active add-ons for that particular subscription.

You may purchase add-ons by selecting the three dots (…) and selecting Buy Add-Ons, where applicable. A list of available add-ons will be displayed in the pop-up window, allowing you to make your selection. You may search for add-ons in the search field. Enter the partial name of an add-on to filter the list for available add-ons matching the search string.


Managing Purchased Add-ons from Storefront

The management of the purchased and active add-ons of an active subscription can be accomplished from within the subscription’s view-page in Storefront. The following analysis includes the add-on feature that was introduced in the 3.28.8 release.


Purchasing Add-ons via the Subscription’s View-Page

The Storefront user can purchase add-ons for a subscription by clicking on the "I WANT TO..." button and then choosing the option “Buy add-ons“. After an add-on is chosen from the pop-up window that appears, displaying all the relevant add-ons, the checkout process can be initiated by clicking on the respective button. If there are no new add-ons to be bought, the “Buy add-ons” option will not be displayed under the button "I WANT TO...". Please note that the aforementioned button ("Buy add-ons") is used only for purchasing non-purchased add-ons and it has nothing to do with the purchase of additional add-on licenses. You may also search for add-ons in the search field. The analysis of purchasing extra licenses for a purchased and active add-on follows below.


It is not possible to purchase additional add-on licenses via this method.

Purchasing Extra Add-on Licenses via the Subscription’s View-Page

After the 3.28.8 release, the add-ons that have already been purchased and are active, do not appear anymore inside the pop-up window when the "I WANT TO..." button is clicked, and then the “Buy add-ons“ option is chosen. Therefore, the Storefront user cannot buy extra licenses for those purchased add-ons from the aforementioned button. Instead, the Storefront user must look at the “WHAT YOU PAY“ section of the subscriptions view-page and under the product’s subscription, the purchased add-ons are visible and unified. When the Storefront user clicks on the (three-dot) action button next to an add-on, the add-on's quantity can be increased via the pop-up window that appears.


Cancelling an Add-on or Decreasing its Licenses

To cancel an active add-on from an active subscription or decrease the licenses of that add-on, the Storefront user has to click on the "I WANT TO..." button, located inside the subscription’s view-page, and then click on the “Cancel an add-on“ option. On the following pop-up window, the Storefront user can choose the add-on he wishes to cancel or decrease its licenses and proceed with the cancellation or decrease. This functionality has not been affected by the add-on feature that was introduced in the 3.28.8 release.