Buying Extra Licenses from Subscriptions Details Page

A customer can buy extra licenses for an existing subscription from the "buy..." actions in the "I want to..." menu. This action offers a better user experience since the customer/reseller will be able directly from the subscription details page to define how many extra licenses he wants and then he will be directed to the basket for completing his order.

Buying Extra Licenses

In the subscription details page, we added the action “Buy Licenses” in the “I want to…” menu. The label of the button will change based on the product’s unit of measure. If for example for a product the unit of measure is “users” or "licenses", the label will be either “buy users” or "buy licenses".

By selecting the action, a pop-up will be displayed for the reseller to define how many extra licenses he needs. 

By submitting this form, the system will add a line in the basket for the licenses the customer wants to purchase, and then he will redirect the user to the basket for completing the order.

After order execution, subscription quantity will be increased with effective date "today".

How the new Licenses are Billed

The new licenses will be billed with subscription's unit price and not with the product's retail price or pricelist price.

This means that we handle the "change quantity" action exactly as we do in Cloud BSS. The price of the new quantity will be calculated based on the subscription and not calculated as if the storefront user made a new purchase for this product.

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