Subscriptions List

This page contains information on the Subscription List. Select among various views, or customize a view to suit your needs, with a wide range of options for options for searching, filtering, and organizing data. You may select which columns to show or hide, reorder them in the list, as well as use the advanced search function to filter results based on expressions.

Storefront Users can view a list of their subscriptions by selecting View All Subscriptions on the Billing Page. Additionally, they may create custom views by use of advanced filtering, and export the results to an Excel spreadsheet.

The video below is a short demonstration of the features of the Subscription List:

Default Views

The Subscription List has the following available views:

  • All - Displays all subscriptions

  • Active - Displays only subscriptions with a status of Active or Pending for Cancel

  • Suspended - Displays only subscriptions which are suspended

  • Cancelled - Displays only cancelled subscriptions

  • Trial - Displays only trial subscriptions

Only the Customers column filter is available for all Subscription List views (All Subscriptions, Active Subscriptions, Suspended Subscriptions, Cancelled Subscriptions and Trial Subscriptions).

To create a view with custom filters and additional display options, select Custom View. For more details, please see the following section:

You may select to show or hide specific columns in the default views. To do this, select Advanced Search, and go to the Columns Selection tab.


The Conditions tab is only available when the Custom View option is selected. The functionality of these features is described here:

Managing Subscriptions from the Subscription List


Selecting the Ellipsis (…) opens a menu which contains actions relevant to the subscription. The actions are:

  • Manage Renewal - Schedule changes to the subscription which take place upon renewal. See the following page for more information:

  • Buy Licenses - Purchase additional licenses. For more information:

  • Buy Add-ons - Purchase add-ons. For more information:

  • Enable/Disable Auto-Renew - Changes the status of auto-renewal. For more information:

  • Cancel the Subscription - Cancels the current subscription.



Selecting the Plus (+) displays the add-ons of the subscription. Add-on information is only displayed for subscriptions which are: Active, Suspended or Pending for cancellation. Add-ons are not displayed for cancelled subscriptions. 

The information contained in the tooltip is the following:

  • Addon Name - The addon product name

  • Quantity - The amount of licenses

  • Unit Price - The price per unit

  • Discount - The discount percentage

Custom View

In the Custom View, you can apply filters to columns, as well as use Advanced Search to create filters based on Conditions. Selecting Advanced Search, opens a dialog box with the following two tabs.

You may save the current view, along with any applied filters and conditions by copying the current URL from the address bar. You may also bookmark the page when all the sorting and filtering options have been applied.

Please note that the URL has a character limit, and an error message will be displayed when it is exceeded.


The Conditions tab contains a list of custom conditions which can be applied to the Subscriptions List to narrow down results. Users can create, modify or delete expressions, as well as order them, to produce specific results. The operators depend on the data type of the column. Select Expression to add a new expression. Select Group and then And or Or to group the existing expressions together and add a new group. Selecting Clear All deletes all expressions.


Column Selection

In the Column Selection tab, select the columns to display in the Subscription List Custom View.

Default Columns

The following columns are displayed by default:

  • Actions - A list of actions, such as to cancel the subscription or Enable/Disable Auto-Renewal. See the Actions section.

  • AZ - This column contains the product icon

  • Add-Ons - Contains a Plus (+) for subscriptions with Add-Ons, which, when clicked, opens a tooltip containing the add-on information.

  • Subscription - The name specified for the subscription

  • Customer - This column is only shown if the Storefront user is a Reseller. Contains the following:

    • Account name - If the subscription is for personal use

    • Sub-customer name - If the subscription is purchased for a new or existing sub-customer

  • End Date - The end date of the subscription

  • Auto Renewal - Shows whether Auto Renewal is enabled or disabled

  • Quantity - The amount of licenses

  • Status - Shows whether the Subscription is Active, Inactive, Suspended etc. Click on the where available, to display more information.

  • Unit Price - The retail price per one license

  • Billing Plan - Shows the details of the billing plan

  • Discount - The discount percentage

  • Subscription Amount - The total price for all licenses

Additional Columns

These columns can be selected in the Advanced Search options.

  • Activation Date - The date when the subscription became active

  • Start Date - The start date of the subscription

  • Product Code - The code of the subscription product

  • Product Name - The name of the product of the subscription

  • Subscription ID - The BSS ID of the subscription

Reordering Columns

Organize columns by clicking and dragging them to change their order. A blue box with the name of the column will show which column is being reordered. This box will display a plus sign when the column is moved to a different position, or a if it is moved to its original position to cancel the reordering.

Sorting Entries

Select the name of a column to sort the results by the column. Selecting the column name initially sorts in descending order, and selecting it again in ascending order. Selecting it a third time reverts the results to their previous order.

Applying Column Filters

Select the filter button next to the name of each column to filter based on the contents of the column:

The following columns are filtered based on the type of their contents.

  • Auto Renewal, Status - Filtered by selecting checkboxes with the available options

  • Customers - Filtered by selecting checkboxes with the available options. Enter a partial name in the search field to narrow down the selection.

  • Subscription, Product Code, Product Name, Subscription ID - Filtered with an operator and a text string

  • Quantity - Filtered with an operator and a numerical value

  • Start Date, End Date, Activation Date - Filtered with an operator and a date selector


Save Custom Views

Users can save custom views to the list of available views, and select them on demand. When adding sorting or filtering options, you can select Save As to save the current view to the list of available views.


 When creating a custom view, specify the View Name, and select OK to save it. The view name will then appear in the list of available views.


Custom views can be managed via the same three dots menu. Rename or delete a saved user custom view by selecting the respective option in the 3 dots drop down menu. Note that selecting to delete a custom view will require confirmation.

When editing a saved custom view, to save the changes, select Save. The existing view will be overwritten.


The Save button does not appear unless one of the following actions were performed in a custom view:

  • Sorting

  • Changing column Selection

  • Reordering columns

  • Filtering; Either selecting a column filter, or via the Conditions tab in Advanced Search


Export to Excel

Select Export and then Excel to export the current view with the filters applied to an Excel .xlsx spreadsheet.



The following data can be exported:

  • Subscription

  • Status

  • Customer

  • Auto Renewal

  • Activation date

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Billing period

  • Billing Plan

  • Product Code

  • Product Name

  • Quantity

  • Unit Price

  • Discount

  • Subscription Amount

  • Currency

  • Subscription id