Setting a Friendly Name for the Subscription

Your customers or your resellers can define, during the ordering process, a friendly name for the subscription the system will create. This is helpful for services that the customer might have a lot of subscriptions and he needs a way to recognise them (for example, when the customer has a lot of Azure subscriptions).

The subscription friendly name is updated in Microsoft Partner Center too

For Microsoft cloud services (Office 365, Dynamics, Azure etc.) the friendly name the customer defines in your Storefront it is also used for the naming of the subscription in Microsoft Partner Center and in Azure Portal.

Define a Friendly Name in Add to Basket Page

When the Storefront user selects to buy a product he will be redirected in "add to basket" page. In this page he can define a friendly name for the subscription the system will create for this product.

If the user does not define any friendly name, the system will apply the following naming convention:

  • For Direct Customers. The subscription will be named as the product name (e.g Office 365 Business Essentials)
  • For resellers. The subscription will be named as <End Customer Name> - <Product Name> (e.g End Customer X - Office 365 Business Essentials).

Changing the Name of an Existing Subscription

The Storefront user can also update the name of an existing subscription. For doing this he must locate first the subscriptions in the Billing menu and in the details page to click on the subscription name. Then, the system will display a text field for setting the friendly name he wishes.

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