Displaying Extra Fields in "My Profile" Form


This page offers information on adding extra (custom) fields to the "My Profile" page by publishing custom fields you have created for the Account entity. These fields can be either editable or non-editable, depending on whether you want to gather more information from your customers or keep certain user-specific information on display

Adding Fields in My Profile Page

If you want to gather more information from your customers or keep certain user-specific information on display, you can publish account custom fields in the "My Profile" page, which can be either editable or non-editable:

  1. Navigate to BSS Setup > Office > Accounts > Custom Fields.

  2. Press Add for the new custom field pop-up to be displayed. Create your custom field by following the instructions explained on the page "Customize Entities Fields".

  3. Enable the option Show in Storefront for publishing this field on the "My Profile" page. This option is located in the Advanced Options tab.

  4. You can also enable the option Editable from Storefront User if you wish the custom field(s) to be editable. This option is also located in the Advanced Options tab.

The account custom field(s) that you will select to publish on the "My Profile" page is displayed below the User Settings section and above the Billing Address section.

If, for example, you wish to add multiple account custom fields that some are editable and some are not, or some belong to a group of custom fields, and some are not, you can do so, as per the example below:

Adding Explanations for the Extra Fields

If you want to add an explanation message for the fields you have added in the above forms, you should group them and enter an explanation message for this group of fields:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Fields section of the orders or accounts setup menus.

  2. Press Groups > New Group for creating a new group and add a title and an explanation for this group.

  3. Then add the custom fields you have published in this group by selecting the fields in the list and applying the action Move. Consequently, the fields will be displayed in Storefront under this group, along with the explanation you have added.