Managing Multiple Subscription Changes on the Same Day

In the past, a user was able to perform consecutive actions on a subscription such as changing its quantity and its price, on the same day, but there were cases where such alterations caused multiple issues to the subscription’s invoicing and billing functionalities during the system’s automatic re-calculations.

Nowadays, we have introduced a mechanism to assist and protect you by allowing the quantity and price updates of a subscription or an addon only after all pending invoices of this Billing Cycle are generated. As a result, all the invoices that are generated automatically from our system, contain the correct quantity and the correct price. 

The mechanism applies to all the products that create subscriptions and add-ons, while bearing either one of the following Billing methods:

  • Prepaid

  • Pay per Use 

We have also introduced informative messages for the BSS users to describe either why certain actions are not allowed or provide steps that can be followed for unlocking an option (if possible).