Managing Subscription Reprovisioning

In the following sections of this page, you can examine the method with which you can reprovision a subscription, a bundle, and a sub-subscription of a bundle.


Reprovisioning a Subscription in BSS

The method for reprovisioning a subscription has changed. Instead of editing a subscription in the BSS and then saving it, where the user was able to trigger the reprovisioning of a subscription, now, this method is handled almost identically but in a more delicate manner, by preventing the initialization of provisioning from scratch unless it is necessary. More specifically, once a BSS user initiates the edit & save process to force the reprovisioning of a subscription, our system will check whether the editing of the subscription affected provisionable fields or not.

  • Non-Provisionable Fields (blue color): If an editable field is altered during the edit from the BSS user but that field is not provisionable, then no reprovisioning occurs.

  • Provisionable Fields (green color): If an editable and provisionable field was altered during the edit from the BSS user, then after the Save button is clicked, this edit is submitted to the external provider via the reprovisioning of the subscription.

The provisionable (green) fields are the following:


Reprovisioning a Bundle in BSS

For a Bundle subscription during the edit and save, the only case that provisioning is triggered is when any changes are applied to its order characteristics. Only the affected sub-subscription(s) are then reprovisioned.

Please note that editing the name of a bundle, will not trigger the reprovisioning of either the bundle or the sub-subscriptions.

Reprovisioning a Sub-subscription of a Bundle in BSS

When the BSS user edits the order characteristics of a bundle, on Save, the sub-subscription affected by the changes is reprovisioned. Otherwise, the provisioning is not running for any sub-subscription.


Reprovisioning an Asset in BSS

The above-mentioned change does not affect the BSS assets, which function exactly as they did since the BSS user can click on the retry button to reprovision the subscription of the asset.


Tenant Reseller

The aforementioned change does not affect the Tenant resellers.


Standard Edition Reseller

The aforementioned change does not affect the Standard Edition resellers.