Managing Country / Regional Tenants

Deployment Scenarios for Country Tenants

A common business scenario, especially for large distributors, is that they have a regional footprint, maintaining operations in multiple countries. platform can facilitate this requirement, offering a centralized management portal for the product catalogs as well as a streamlined flow for aggregating revenue streams from every country

Office 365 Product Management for Country Tenants

In order to handle Microsoft Product catalog for Country Tenants, actions need to take place both in the root environment and also in the Country Tenant. This article describes the required actions.

Root Environment

  1. On the root environment the MS Cloud Services instances must be updated: Updating the Microsoft Cloud Services Catalogue

Applying Office 365 Updates

The products that a Country tenant can offer are the products that are included in the price list assigned from the root environment. The changes on the product catalog (prices update, addition of new products etc.) are propagated to a Country tenant BSS with the following process.