Applying Office 365 Updates

The products that a Country tenant can offer are the products that are included in the price list assigned from the root environment. The changes on the product catalog (prices update, addition of new products etc.) are propagated to a Country tenant BSS with the following process.

Update Country Tenant

First a price-list must be created on the root environment that includes all products. The products must be directly attached to the price-list and not through price groups.

From the root, a user can control when the changes in the product catalog will be propagated to a Country tenant , by running the Update Tenant Country tenant's action that is available in price-list details page:

  1. Locate the Country tenant price-list
  2. Open the price-list details page
  3. Select Products tab
  4. Select the action Update Tenant Country tenant's and in the pop-up select which Country tenant'ss you want to update

Update Actions

The following changes will be applied to Country tenant's's BSS too:

  1. New products / add-ons: Any new products / add-ons added in the Country tenant's price-list will be copied in the BSS.
  2. Change of price-list price. If the price of a product changes in Country tenant's price-list, the purchase price of the product in the Country tenant's BSS will be updated.
  3. Activation of a new billing cycle. If a new unit (e.g. annually) has been added in the Country tenant's price-list,  the Country tenant's product will be updated with the new unit and the corresponding pricing info. If the unit is not active in the Country tenant BSS , it will be activated also.
  4. Removal of a billing cycle.If a product is no longer available for a specific unit (e.g. annually) in the Country tenant's price-list, it will be removed from the product in Country tenant's BSS too.
  5. Activation / de-activation of a product. The product is also activated / de-activated in Country tenant's BSS.
  6. New upgrade/downgrade/required/cross relation between two products already present in Country tenant's's BSS: This relation is copied in Country tenant's BSS too.
  7. Changes in product groups. The following changes will be applied to Country tenant's BSS too:
    1. one or more products in price-list belong now to a new product group.  The new group will be created in Country tenant's BSS and the corresponding marketing material will also be copied.
    2. A new product was added to an existing product group. 
    3. A product was removed from a product group.
    4. A product was moved from product group A to product group B.
    5. A existing product group is no longer related with any product from the Country tenant's price-list. It will be removed from the Country tenant's BSS.
  8. Update of product type options. Any change occurs to any of the following product type options, it will be applied to the correspondent product type in the Country tenant's BSS:
    1. Automatic execution of add-ons cancellation requests
    2. Automatic execution of subscription cancellation requests
    3. Automatic execution of downgrade requests
    4. Quantity Limit
    5. Maintain one active subscription per product

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