new Roadmap & Feedback Portal


Welcome to our new platform Roadmap & Feedback Portal 🖖


Our new platform Roadmap provides a set of new capabilities for you and is a step forward into creating a new direct communication path!

With the new interactive Platform Roadmap you will be able to:

  • Review features already released

  • Be informed about features that are currently under development, when and how they will be introduced in our platform

  • Review features, integrations, extensions that are currently under consideration and share your feedback, add your comments and insights about your needs and preferences, and

  • Submit your ideas about a feature, integration or extension that you wish to see in our platform.

How to access the new Roadmap Portal

The new Platform Roadmap lies inside the platform, so that you can access anytime from your BSS.

Click on the upper-right menu of the BSS application


What you see when you visit the Roadmap

Let’s take a look at the basic elements of the roadmap.

1. The Homepage

This is what you see when you visit our new Roadmap.


2. The main menu

In the main menu section, you can find the tabs that define the status of each platform feature of our roadmap:

In the Launched tab, you can find features/integrations that have already been released.

In the Under Development tab, you can review features/integrations/ improvements that are currently under development. The visibility that we have for features under development is 3 months from now.

In the Planned tab, we are listing features that we plan to implement within the upcoming 6 months.

In the Under Consideration tab, you can find features that we consider to implement.


3. The Sections

The Sections are used to group the features in each tab in logical groups. We use sections to make it easier for you to review and understand our features on the roadmap.

You may see sections grouped by time (e.g. months, quarters) or by the type of features (e.g Core functionalities, Vendor Integrations) or specific Vendor related features.

Please note that each tab may have a different section grouping of features. For example, we use feature section grouping to display the features that we are planning to implement.


… and time section grouping to display features that are currently Under Development. In this case, the month represents the month when we expect to have the featured delivered to you.

4. The Feature Card

When you open a feature card, you can read what is this feature about, the main concept of it and the way we are considering to implement and bring value to your business.

Most of the times, we are going to ask you something about this feature😎 Feel free to reply!

5. The “Submit an idea” button

You are only one click away from sharing with us what you believe that would be great to have and use in the platform. Help us understand your needs and requirements!


Click on the video below to review the new functionality.

Want to see how it works? 🎥 Watch this short video on how to use the Roadmap & Feedback portal.



What can you do in our Roadmap Portal?


💬 Your voice matters

Now, let's take a look on the ways that you can interact with our Product Managers, provide your feedback and help us understand your needs…


1. Vote for a Feature. Rate the importance and share your thoughts on it.

✍️When you see a feature you like, you can click on a Feature Card to check it out and provide your feedback. You can rate the importance for your business and share any thoughts or considerations you may have about it.

When you vote for a feature, automatic updates are sent to you regarding its progress, such as new information, application design wireframes, possible postponement announcements or launch data!

Your comment or feedback will not be published, our Product Managers will review it and post an update in the feature card. You will receive a notification email with the update!

👉When you vote for a feature, automatic updates are sent to you regarding its progress, such as new information, application design wireframes, possible postponement announcements or launch data!


2. Check how important is a feature to others

When reviewing the feature cards you can see how many have voted for each feature. The number of voters is displayed in the upper right corner of a feature card. In this way, you can understand the importance of a feature for other professionals in the same business as yours.


3. Submit a new idea 💡

Want a new feature, a new integration, an improvement that will ease your everyday work, a functionality requested by your customers? Now you can send us your proposal and describe what YOU would like to have in commerce platform!


This is the magic button

Click on the upper right magic button and tell us what you would like to improve or to have in the platform. Then add the importance of this issue to your business and submit.


Our Product Management Team will review your proposal, a Product Manager may request some additional details from you and will finally evaluate your proposal and may add it in the platform roadmap!