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Cancelling an ESD License

This page explains how you can cancel an ESD license. 

Cancelling an ESD License from Storefront

For canceling an ESD license, your customer or reseller should navigate to ESD license details page and select the cancellation action.

  1. After logging in to the Storefront, they should go to Billing and then Assets section.

  2. They should Locate the desired license and select Cancel the License

  3. They can then write a comment (optional) and click 'Submit' to the popup window that will appear for the Cancellation Request.

  4. The customer will receive a notification with the details of his cancellation request and a cancellation banner will appear in Cloud BSS where you can select if you will proceed to cancel the asset or not. Your customer will receive a confirmation once this action is concluded.

  5. Your customer can see on the subscription screen at 'Billing' that the cancellation request is active.
    At any point before the finalization of the cancellation by Cloud BSS, the customer can choose to 'Cancel' the request, by clicking on the appropriate button.

Cancelling an ESD License via Cloud BSS

Here's how that works when your account manager wants to cancel an ESD asset in BSS:

  1. Login to Cloud BSS and locate the desired asset under BSS > Billing > Assets
  2. Select Cancel  in the shortcuts menu on the right or view the cancellation request the customer has submitted

  3. In the popup window enter your comments and press "Send Request". The cancellation of an ESD license is always immediate since it's a perpetual product.
  4. The subscription will now be canceled and a credit invoice will be generated with the full amount that had been charged to the customer.

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