Pre-Paid Packages, are accompanied by a "Bluebook"-type list of indicative tasks and their respective time for solution so customers are aware BEFOREHAND of some standard charges-per-hour that he/she might be charged for. This is compiled from the experience of our engineers and it is a transparent list (for all the issues that could have a legitimate estimate). The list items and/or their respected times may change at any time.

Flat (h)Comments
1Domain Name Setup
2hIncludes DNS purchase and setup. Price is per domain.

SSL Setup

1hWeb certificate setup per pfx.
3SSL Purchase1hPurchase of SSL per certificate.
4Exchange Forwarding1hForwarding rules per mailbox
5Transport Rules30m

Per transport rule

6DC Visit (off work days and hours)-As required, 1 hour minimun charge
7Add resources to a VM (non working hours)30mExample: Addition of extra Storage to a VM / Addition of extra Ram to a VM / Addition of extra CPU CORES to a VM 
8Create Antispam Rules  (Spamexperts)15mCreation of a specific antispam rule. Example: Block all emails with Chinese  language content
9Search Email Logs via Antispam Service (Spamexperts)15mPer query of search. Example: Does this inbound email reach its  destination? 
10White/Black list rule creation/deletion15mCreate or Delete a specific white/black list rule.
11Restore VM from DPM1h1h per 100GB. Example: 3h for a VM of 230GB
12VM Snapshot15mTake of a VM Snapshot.  Restoration of the Snapshot (if needed)
13Clean VM from any affection2hRegardless if attempt is successful
14Restore Email from Exchange30mDepends on number of Emails/Domains, price per Mailbox
15Domain Setup Office 3651hFor this service, access to domain's DNS servers is required. Price is per domain.
16Create Distribution Lists (up to 10) (Hosted Exchange or 365)1hDistribution Group mailbox creation. Per up to 10 distribution lists
17Create Forwarding rules  (up to 10) (Hosted Exchange or 365)1hForwarding rules creation. Per up to 10 forwarding rules
18Installation of RDS Cals 1hInstallation of Remote Desktop Licence Role
19Assist on VPN Connection setup1hpfSence Configuration
20Office 365 Admin Portal Basic Administration Training 1hTraining on basics of Office 365 admin portal.
21VHD Export1hCustomer should provide a (new) external hdd, per VHD
22SQL Data export1hCustomer should provide a (new) external hdd, per database
23Export .pst(s) from a Domain1h

1h per 100GB. Example: 3hours for pst(s) of a size 230GB  

25Deploy Domain controller2h

Deploy 1 Domain controller with basic configuration (DNS and group policy)

26Install cpanel4h

Install Cpanel (Basic configuration with apache,mysql etc) on Centos O/S and provide admin credentials to customers

27Install Sql Server3h

Deploy MS SQL Server on customer's server and setup service for network access.

28Install Custom Operating System1h

Deploy a custom operating system (not provided by templates) on a customer's server.

29Install Acronis client and create scheduled backups2h

After a customer provides access to a server, we install acronis agent and setup any custom schedules and backup sources as per customer demand.

30Upload data from external clients HDD2hData to be uploaded either on a specific server of customers, or in Acronis accounts, up to 100 GB