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This page contains an overview of the documents section in the Storefront, as well as its functionality and notification email.

Viewing Published Documents in Storefront

There are two paths in which you can view published documents in the Storefront.

My Account - Documents

The first path is by navigating to My AccountDocuments. This section shows the documents which are published to the Storefront, and linked to the account.

(info) For more information on publishing documents, please check the page.


The Document List page is only visible to the Billing Agent, Buyer, and Subscription Manager user roles.

Recently Updated Documents - Widget

The second path is by navigating to your Storefront’s Widget Dashboard and locating the widget called Recently Updated Documents.

  • For Resellers and Direct Customers, the aforementioned widget can be found inside the Storefront’s Widget Dashboard.

  • For Standard Resellers, the aforementioned widget can be found inside the Storefront page Admin > My Account > My Storefront. This widget is displayed by default at the end of the widgets list.

(info) For more information about the Recently Updated Documents widget, please check the page for Direct Customers or the page for the Resellers.

Sorting and Filtering

The Document page in Storefront has a few tools to organize the view.

Column Sorting

Select Document Name or Type column headings to sort the corresponding columns alphabetically, or by date, for the Last Update column. The first time a column is selected, it is sorted in descending order, and selecting it again will sort it in ascending order. Selecting the column a third time will revert to the original order.

Column Filtering

Select the filter icon to filter the column based on the input:

  • Document Name - Select an operator and enter a string of text.

  • Type - Select the checkboxes with the types to show. The list only contains published types.

  • Last Update - Select an operator, and then a date.

(info) For viewing published documents in the BSS platform, please check the Uploading and Managing Documents page.

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