Service Management API

How Manages Cloud Apps Platform provides a unified system to automate day-to-day management and enablement of cloud services addressing all critical operational challenges for provisioning, monitoring, metering, self-management, authentication and further integration into other applications in the provider’s systems. Integration of Platform with any provisioning platform gives Service Providers the ability not only to setup and manage the services offered to their customers but to develop a unified system for product definition, billing customer subscriptions and accept payments. Service Management API enables integration of new services via implementation of a fixed set of API endpoints that support subscription and access management performed by the central platform. Any integration of the Platform with provisioning platform follows certain principles and provides certain attributes.

Using the API

Service Management API requires development of a RestFul API that will act as integration service and will be called in order to apply several provisioning actions to the external application.There are no requirements or limitations regarding the language, the technology or the hosting environment of the RestFul API, as long as the required methods are functioning properly.

Getting Started with Service Management API

Integrating your application with Platform, include the following steps:

  • Get familiar with Provisioning engine
  • Register new Application
  • Getting API Key
  • Develop and host a RestFul API validating Application ID / API Key info
  • For each Endpoint:
    • Implement method in RestFul API
    • Provide URL
    • Make test request
  • Configure Settings (Authentication Info)

Service Management API Reference

Description of the Service Manager EndPoints

Pre-Check Mechanism

Pre-check is a mechanism that can be used by the developers of a Service Manager for covering business flows/gaps that platform does not support. Such scenarios could be not to allow the customer to purchase the same product for a second time or not to allow him to purchase product A unless he has purchased first product B.

Integration Guide

  • Setting the Activation OptionsThe first step for enabling the Service Manager at a BSS tenant is to register the new application. This page offers guidance for the required steps.
  • Defining your Product TypesPart of the Service Manager integration concerns the definition of the Product Type entity. The product type is a 'master template' that contains all the technical specifications of the service that will be provisioned

Refresh the Account Synchronization Options fields

This page explains how you can update the account synchronization options if you have changed them in your service manager implementation.

Subscriptions and Addons - How to calculate the resources to be provisioned

Service Management API has been designed by having in mind that provisioning actions are based on the resources that need to be set each time to 3rd party system.

Resources and the amount of them that need to be set for provisioning, are extracted from subscriptions and addon characteristics.

Also, these resources are supposed to be enforced to 3rd party system and not to be increased/decreased separately in order always to have alignment between the platform and 3rd party system.