Using the API

Service Management API requires development of a RestFul API that will act as integration service and will be called in order to apply several provisioning actions to the external application.There are no requirements or limitations regarding the language, the technology or the hosting environment of the RestFul API, as long as the required methods are functioning properly.Cloud BSS API is also available for support of end points development providing any extra info required in order to complete the scope of each end point for the external system.

HTTP Standards

All actions taken through the API are done via HTTP using standard HTTP methods: GET (to retrieve an object), POST (to create), PUT (to modify), and DELETE. Standard HTTP Response codes are used to indicate success and error conditions.


The integration service should validate all calls received using the Application Id / API Key combination provided by when registered the application. This requirement is crucial for the security of the external application and the protection against possible vulnerabilities.

Application Id / API Key info are passed to each request made to integration service using the following headers:

  • X-CloudPlatform-ApplicationId
  • X-CloudPlatform-APIKey


Security of the service is based on Authorization and HTTPS access. Eventhough HTTPS access is not required, this should not be the case for Production environment.

Error Handling

Proper error handling is crusial for the success of the application. Integration service is responsible for properly handle errors and provides accurate description regarding the causes a call has failed.


We strongly recommend that you design your integration such that it is capable of logging API requests and responses. Having access to the raw requests and responses (including detailed error codes and error messages) when API issues emerge will streamline troubleshooting and accelerate time to resolution.

The following examples show the type of information that your application should log for API requests and responses.

Code Samples

Service Management API end points can be developed in any language. The following samples are currently available to demonstrate or initialize the development of a service manager.

.NET Framework

Service Management API

Configure APIKey validation in web.config's AppSetting 'X-CloudPlatform-ApiKey'.


Service Management API

Configure $applicationId and $apikey validation in ServiceProvider.API.Authorization.class.php file.