Handling an Order that Exceeds Customer's Available Credit

When the customer places an order that exceeds its available credit, the system will allow him to place the order, but the order will not be executed. A BSS account manager needs to approve the order after a payment, for increasing the available credit, has been arranged. 

Informing the Customer that its Order cannot be Executed

In case a customer wants to place an order that exceeds his available credit, a message will appear on the Basket Items page, informing the customer about the exceeding amount. He can place the order, but the order will not be executed and the services will not be activated (thus, no subscriptions or invoices will be generated)

By clicking the Checkout button, the order will be submitted and an automated email will be dispatched to the customer and to the customer's account manager. 

This means that the order remains in a pending state until a BSS account manager reviews it with the customer and a payment for increasing the credit limit is arranged. Then the BSS account manager can manually execute the order so that the services will be activated and provisioned to that customer. 

"Storefront Order Submission with No Available Credit" Notification

In BSS, there is a "Storefront Order Submission with No Available Credit" notification which you can setup for this automated email. Navigate to 

BSS > Setup > Administration > Notifications > Customer Notifications Orders Storefront Order Submission with No Available Credit

For more information, see Setup a NotificationAfterwards, the account manager can make a follow-up contact about the specific placed order. 

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