Manage Future Requests

This page contains a detailed overview on how to manage the amount of licenses of a subscription upon its renewal in the BSS.


Managing Future Requests

The BSS user can schedule a quantity change for their subscription, which takes place upon renewal.

To increase or decrease the amount of licenses upon the renewal of a subscription, select Manage Renewal in the shortcuts menu.



Enter the new amount in the dialog box and select Submit.


A future request is created and shown in a ribbon. To cancel the request, select Revoke Quantity Change on the ribbon. No change of quantity will be performed at End of Billing Period.


In addition, a comment is created in the Notifications and Updates section informing the user about the future request:

When the billing service runs at the end of the billing period, the BSS Subscription is renewed & updated, and the invoice is created with the new change.


Manage Renewal Conditions

The Manage Renewal option is available to the users of Root organizations as well as to Tenant Resellers and Country Tenant Resellers, in both the BSS and the Storefront platforms, only if the following conditions are met:

  • The subscription is Active with provisioning status: Synced.

  • The Auto Renew option is enabled.

  • The subscription has a pricing type of prepaid-recurring charge.

  • There is no existing future request (either in the Storefront or in the BSS).

  • The subscription quantity limit is not equal to 1.

Additionally, the option is available regardless of the payment method of the customer. It is also available for subscriptions with bundles.


Tenant Resellers Managing Future Requests & Backordering

In the Tenant reseller’s Storefront, users can schedule a quantity change (increase/decrease) for their subscription(s) that will be applied upon the renewal, via the Manage Renewal option. This option is available for both Simple and Country Tenant Reseller. More specifically, future requests are created in Tenant’s organization and are executed upon the renewal of the Tenant’s billing cycle. Upon renewal, the Parent’s organization is informed about the quantity change, as an immediate change.

  1. For Simple Tenant’s organization, once an increase or a decrease in quantity is requested via the Manage Renewal action:

    1. A future request is created, but it is not transferred to the parent organization via backordering.

    2. When the billing service runs in the tenant organization and the subscription is renewed:

      1. The future request is applied, and the quantity is updated.

      2. The subscription is invoiced with the new quantity.

  2. The Country Tenant’s organization works as a Root organization. All actions (allowed or prohibited) for a Storefront user in the Parent’s Storefront apply for a Storefront user in a Country Tenant’s Storefront. No backordering is available for Country Tenants, so the future action is never transferred to the Parent organization.

When a future request exists, it is also displayed in the Subscription view page in BSS with a ribbon, and the respective comment is also visible under the “Notifications and Updates” section of the subscription. Also, for a Country Tenant reseller’s BSS organization, the Manage Renewal option is available also in BSS.

For add-ons, currently, only immediate quantity changes are allowed (increase/decrease/cancel).

The Parent organization has no access to the Manage Renewal options of the tenant reseller organization.


Cancellation Actions when Backordering is Enabled

When backordering is enabled, regarding the cancelation of a subscription, the only available option is that of Immediate cancellation. This means that the user can only perform immediate cancellations and not create requests for scheduled (full) cancellations.

However, as a workaround, if a Storefront user in a tenant’s organization does not want to renew their subscription after the current billing cycle, they can do so by disabling the “Auto-renew” toggle option.