Scheduling Subscription Changes with Future Requests

This page contains information on how to schedule a change in the subscription in the Storefront.

Your customers can schedule a change in the number of licenses via the Storefront, without going through any lengthy processes or workarounds, either when viewing the subscription, or through the list of subscriptions.

The option is not available if there is a pending request, for pay-per-use subscriptions, assets, or for subscriptions with a quantity limit of 1.


Applicable Scenarios while Creating Future Requests

When creating a future request, one of the two following scenarios is applicable, depending on the product type and the Service Manager:

  • Changes to the amount of licenses are not applied immediately, but rather when the billing service runs at the end of the current billing period, and the corresponding Service Manager is updated.

  • As soon as the future request is submitted, the API call to provision the service is made instantly.


Unavailable Actions with Pending Future Request

When a subscription has a pending future request, the following actions are not permitted and will either not be available or result in an error:

  • Buy licenses

  • Upgrade/downgrade

  • Enable/disable auto-renewal

  • Suspend

  • Cancel

You can note, in the following screenshot, the error message in case one of the actions listed above is selected while a future request is pending:

Please note that actions listed above may be blocked by future requests made in the BSS, in addition to those made with the Manage Renewal option in the Storefront.


Change the Number of Licenses of a Subscription

To increase or decrease the number of licenses of a subscription at the end of the billing period via the Storefront, go to the subscription view page, click on the I want to… button, and then select the Manage Renewal option.


In the dialog box, specify the new amount of licenses, and click on the Submit button.

The process is demonstrated below:


It is also possible to click on the three dots button, located in the Subscriptions list view, under the Actions column, and then select the Manage Renewal option.

Edit or Cancel Existing Requests

You may check the status of the request under the Requests section. To change a request, you can select the Edit option, under the Actions column, or select the Cancel option to cancel and delete the request.

For auto-provisioned services (e.g., NCE), the Edit function is not yet available. For such services, the request must be cancelled and created anew.

Alternatively, you may select Revoke Quantity Change either from the Subscriptions list via the three dots menu(…), or from the I want to… button located inside the Subscription view page.


Note that partial cancellation at the end of the billing period will not be possible via the I want to….Cancel the subscription option, and selecting the option will result in an error.