Refresh the Account Synchronization Options fields

This page explains how you can update the account synchronization options if you have changed them in your service manager implementation.In order to refresh the sync options for the BSS account, you should execute the following actions:

  1. Go to BSS > Setup > Office > Custom Fields and select the group that includes the account sync options for your service manager (the "Cloud Workspace Suite Demo" group in our example below).
  2. Select Groups > Delete Group action as shown below  
  3. Select 1st option on the modal appeared and ‘Apply’ button in order to delete the custom fields group and the custom fields included

  4. Go to Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup and select "Settings" for your cloud application.
  5. Select "Save" button in order to get a fresh list of sync options as provided by your implementation. In this step a call to "Account Get Sync Options" end point is made to your implementation.
  6. Check in BSS > Setup > Office > Custom Fields that the group now includes the new sync options.