Activating the ConnectWise Connector

The activation of the integration connector can be done from BSS Setup.For creating a new ConnectWise instance you must navigate to BSS > Setup > System Options > Systems Setup and select the Activate action for the ConnectWise connector. You will be asked to set a unique name for the new instance that will be created.

You will then redirected to the "Edit Integration" page of the new instance where you must press Save for the creation to be completed.

The new instance is now available in the list of "Enabled Connectors". From this section, by selecting "Settings" you can configure your instance.

Defining your Installation URL

You enter a meaningful name for the instance and then select "ConnectWise Instance" from the Web API drop-down list.

Server Variables

Some variables from ConnectWise cannot be mapped and therefore server variables must be used for this scope. The needed values are already defined in the installation but they should be overridden with correct values by using the provided text boxes. Below chapters include all defined variables along with an explanation and example for each one.

Server VariableUsed forExplanationConnectWise ID
ConnectWise URLAuthentication, SynchronizationThe manage site URL for the integrating instance
Format will be like ""
Company ID

Client Id

All ModulesThe Client ID is used for all calls since it is mandatory from ConnectWiseClient ID

Import Account Id

AccountDefault value for status of all imported accounts from BSS

Internal ID of the wanted value from Setup table "Company Status"

Product Category

ProductThis default value will be used when UnitType Lookup is not setInternal ID of the wanted value from Setup table "Category" (Products)

Product SubCategory

ProductDefault value for product Sub category

Internal ID of the wanted value from Setup table "SubCategory" (Products)

Product Unit of measure

ProductDefault unit of measure for products

Internal ID of the wanted value from Setup table "UOM" (Products)

Product Billable Option

InvoiceItemsDefault value of Billable Option for ConnectWise invoice itemsValid Values are Billable, DoNotBill, NoCharge

Sales Representative

OrdersConnectWise internal Id of the Sales representative that will be set for order imported from BSS

Internal ID of the wanted Member from System->Members page

Credit card method id

Payments (for Presynchronization actions)BSS internal ID of credit card method-

Bank deposit method id

Payments (for Presynchronization actions)BSS Internal ID of Bank deposit method-

Get Method Ids

In this section, we will describe how to get the 2 method id's that are required from BSS in order to complete the setup of ConnectWise integrator.


A valid Company ID, Public key and a Private key are needed in order to setup username/password authentication for ConenctWise. 

As username will be used the CompanyID, symbol "+" and the public key (as shown below) and as a password the private key.

Synchronization Options

This table presents all available operations for the supported entities. In order to be able to sync an entity, the corresponding action must be checked.

Check Supported Push and Pull Methods for more details

Synchronization Lookups

Lookups enable the mapping between entities that cannot be synced with Integration Framework. For each of  these entities a table is available with all the available values in BSS. To map any of these entities and values the relevant value from Zendesk entity must be set, in order to be used during synchronization.

For the ConnectWise connector  the following lookups must be setup:

AccountAccount Type → ConnectWise TypeAccount Type → ConnectWise Type
CurrencyCurrency ID → ConnectWise Currency IDCurrency ID → ConnectWise Currency ID
InvoiceInvoice Stage → ConnectWise Status
Invoice Type → ConnectWise Type
ProductProduct Type → ConnectWise Type
Unit Type → ConnectWise SubCategory
OrderOrder Stage → ConnectWise Status-