Updating the Microsoft ESD services Catalogue

For updating your MS ESD services catalog with the changes Microsoft has done, you must run the Get Services Definition in BSS Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup > Microsoft ESDSettings.

This action will do the following:

1 - Creation / Update of ESD product type

It will create the Microsoft ESD product type (if it's the first time you are running this action) or it will update them by adding the offer URIs of the new ESD services in the correspondent product type attributes. The product type that will be created in your system will be the following:

These product types can be found in BSS Setup > Billing > Product Types

Each product type consists of 1 drop-down property for the available product licenses

2 - Update the list of Microsoft products in your Cloud BSS

The Get Services Definition will check Microsoft ESD products you have in your Cloud BSS and it will:

  1. Add in your Cloud BSS any missing new ESD products
  2. Update products names using the catalog language you selected. This action will be applied in all existing products.
  3. Products that Microsoft has discontinued will be marked in your BSS as discontinued.

Upon completion of the process, you will be informed what changes have been applied to your catalog from the following pop-up:

The pop-up displays 3 links that relate to Cloud BSS products:

  • A link for viewing the new products added in your BSS.
  • A link for viewing for which existing products there are changes. 
  • A link for viewing which products have been marked as discontinued.

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