Platform API

Available API Methods

If you are using the hosted edition of our platform, you can find our API documentation in the correspondent hosted location:

Authorization & Authentication

In order to make calls to BSS and Billing API you must be authorized and authenticated.

Testing our API directly from the Documentation

Our API can be tested without writing any code directly from our documentation.

Pagination / Pagination metadata

Some of the API calls support pagination (page number and page size). In order to get the metadata related to pagination, the REST call should send in the Header section the following value:

API Versioning and Deprecation Policy Platform BSS API is versioned in order to provide maximum backwards-compatibility to external applications and allow for maximum flexibility for future expansion.

API Deprecations

On the following pages, you can check the API Deprecations of all objects' end-points based on their respective versions.

Updating via Patch Document

The Platform API supports partial updates on all entities via the HTTP PATCH methods that accept the JSON Patch ( format for input.

Ordering Collections ($orderby)

The Platform API provides ordering options on all basic methods that return a collection of resources using the $orderby parameter. The “Ordering of Collections”, enables sorting of the resources in a collection given certain criteria and priorities.

Filtering Collections ($filter)

The Platform API provides filtering options, on all basic methods that return a collection of resources, using the $filter parameter.

Integration Scenarios

A list of the most common integration scenarios