Panda Security Integration

Panda Security is a solution offered by Panda, a company specialized in creating IT security solutions.

Installing the Panda Antivirus Module

The Panda Antivirus module is available from installer

Activating the Integration with Panda Security

For the automatic provisioning of Panda Security applications, we have implemented a service manager that handles the provisioning of the services to the end customers.

Supported Panda Applications

Below is a list of the Panda Security services our service manager supports

Defining Panda Products

In platform you can define your Panda Products by creating products of type Panda Protection Solution.

Ordering a Panda Product

The ordering process for a Panda product is similar with the process of any other cloud application. The customer must select one of the Panda products you have published in your Storefront and to complete his order by checking out his basket.

Managing Panda Products

When a customer purchases a Panda Product, the administration of the Panda product takes place through the PandaCloud Portal. The customer can find a shortcut to the PandaCloud Portal through the Workspace tab of your Storefront.

Registering your Customers and Resellers in Panda System

The steps described in this page are necessary only if you are planning to place a Panda order directly from Cloud BSS. For orders placed from your customers and resellers directly in your Storefront, the creation of the resellers and customers in Panda System is managed automatically by our platform.