Bearer Token Authentication Scheme Setup


Setting Up the Bearer Authentication Scheme for a Connector

To proceed with setting up the connector/integration system to accept the Bearer token as a means for authentication, you first need to navigate to BSS Setup > Administration > System Options > Systems Setup. Then you have to either “Activate” one of the “Available Connectors” before setting it up or choose from the list of the “Enabled Connectors” the one you wish to setup.

By clicking on the “Edit Integration” button next to the Enabled Connector of your choice, the following page is displayed and contains the schemas that you need to change to add the Bearer Token field along with its backend functionality on the “Settings” page of the Connector.

You have to proceed with the following simple changes in the JSONDefinition” schema tree:
(Alternatively, you can follow the guide from this link which also includes).

A. First, you need to define the object under components/securitySchemes:

  1. Expand the securitySchemes object and under it rename the underlying object to “bearerAuth“.

  2. Afterwards, expand the bearerAuth object and under it create (if they don't already exist) three strings, exactly as the ones that follow below:

    1. type:http

    2. scheme:bearer

    3. description:Bearer Token

B. Then, you need to define the array under security:

  1. Expand the security array, then expand the “0” object and lastly, rename the underlying array to “bearerAuth” and leave it empty.

C. Finally, you need to click on the Save or the Save & Close button to save the changes.


After your changes have been saved, you are automatically redirected to the list with the Enabled Connectors.

By clicking on the “Settings” button of the connector you have edited, you are redirected to the connector’s instance settings page.

Here, you can witness that the “Bearer Token field has been successfully created and is ready to be filled in with your Bearer Token.