Odix Integration

odix develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) technology for preventive cybersecurity in enterprises of all sizes.

FileWallTM is a native file sanitization plugin for all Office 365 mailboxes. Leveraging odix’s unique content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) technology, FileWall complements Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) & Defender (formerly Advanced Threat Protection - ATP), providing effective, real-time protection against email attachment-based attacks. Effective Against New, Unknown Threats. FileWall removes email attachment-based threats before they reach the user’s inbox. With over 94% of malware delivered via email, hackers hide malicious code in standard files such as PDFs and Office documents to transfer and spread the attack. New malware is released daily, bypassing standard security systems that use detection-based anti-malware methods. 34% of cyberattacks involve internal actors within the organizations. Employees may be educated to avoid attachments from suspicious senders but threats are often hidden in a file from a trusted sender who unintentionally forwarded the infected file. 

interworks.cloud platform facilitates the provisioning and complete life-cycle management of the odix services. The odix Service Manager can be activated on any instance of interworks.cloud platform easily, and offers a complete ordering, billing and automated delivery solution for odix services.

Registering the Odix Service Manager

This page explains the process for activating the odix Service Manager in your BSS.

Activating the Odix Service Manager

The second step to employ odix solutions to an interworks.cloud instance is to activate the odix Service Manager. This action will enable the necessary components in interworks.cloud platform so that you can then import the available odix SKU's and configure the presentation layer in the form of an odix Product Group. You can see how, by reading the following instructions.

Defining the Odix Products

In interworks.cloud platform, odix products must be defined based on the the product type. Let us proceed with the analysis of that product type and its properties before reaching to the analysis of the products, their creation, and configuration.

Ordering Odix Products

The ordering process for an odix product is similar to the process of any other cloud application. The customer can select only the odix paid product you have published in your Storefront and add it in his basket.

Managing an Odix Subscription

Odix services follow the general life-cycle management rules for subscriptions based products. This means that most options are the same as other subscription-based products. On this page, we will show the options a customer has for managing their services through the Storefront, as well as the options that are available to BSS administrators.