Managing Standard Edition Resellers

The platform allows IT distributors to easily upgrade their basic resellers to the standard edition and provide them with valued autonomy to:

  • set up their own Storefront and configure the preferred look and feel (L&F)

  • automatically view and manage end-customers and their subscriptions

  • automate order placement and cloud service provisioning

  • easily update product catalog and pricing.

There are many reasons for upgrading a basic reseller to the standard version. Apart from the business incentives and the ability for distributors to diversify their offering, such an upgrade brings significant benefits for IT distributors:

  • Provide their resellers with a diversified offering that sets them apart from the competition.

  • Avoid revenue loss inherent to transacting with “traditional” resellers.

  • Support their resellers in transitioning more of their services to the cloud.

  • Stand out as the preferred vendor for their resellers and forge a more long-term partnership.

At the same time, standard edition resellers are empowered with

  • Their own-labeled, SEO-friendly Storefront seamlessly connected to their distributor’s

  • Automation of cloud service provision and billing

  • Integration with the distributor's own APIs.

This section guides you in performing a number of critical operations depending on whether you are a Reseller at the Standard Edition or an End Customer.