QuickBooks Connector for Invoices Integration


ApplicationLink, a trusted partner of interworks.cloud, has developed a sophisticated connector that seamlessly integrates the interworks.cloud platform with QuickBooks. This integration enables the automatic creation of draft invoices in QuickBooks, based on billing information from the interworks.cloud portal, streamlining your invoicing process and minimizing manual errors.

By using the integration, you can:

  • Save valuable time and resources;

  • Ensure the accuracy and consistency of your billing information across both platforms;

  • Easily and quickly generate draft invoices based on the latest billing data from your BSS;

  • Increase customer satisfaction due to accurate and complete billing.

How It Works

The connector has been developed using the ApplicationLink platform, serving as a middleware that bridges the gap between our platform and QuickBooks:

  1. Select the desired month/period: Choose the desired month/period from a convenient pulldown menu. Then, the ApplicationLink platform will seamlessly retrieve the billing information from the interworks.cloud platform. This information encompasses all the recurring services purchased within a specified period.

  2. Initial Setup: When using the connector for the first time, it’s essential to establish links between customers and services. These links are created on every line of the grid. Fortunately, this mapping process between interworks.cloud and QuickBooks only needs to be done once. The connector remembers these associations for future use (such as next month’s invoice).

  3. Dynamic assignment of unit prices: Different options to assign a unit price on a customer and service level are available, including a discount option.

  4. Review and Approval: Before processing and creating draft invoices in QuickBooks, carefully review, preview, and approve them. This ensures accuracy and consistency.

  5. Generate Invoices: Finally, leverage the generate (all) invoices option to create draft end-customer invoices in QuickBooks in a fraction of the time it normally takes you.

In summary, the connector streamlines the entire process, ensuring seamless communication and efficient management of billing data between platforms.

How to Set It Up

If you’re interested in using the QuickBooks connector, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to kick off the process. Your onboarding will be handled by the experienced ApplicationLink team, who have years of expertise working with MSPs.